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Federal Carrier Compliance Registration is a multi-tiered DOT Compliance company that assists owner-operators in complying with the regulations that pertain to them and the vehicles they drive.

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Fill out the form to begin your registration. For technical help please call our helpline at (877) 659-9442.

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Federal Carrier has you covered

Federal Carrier provides a dedicated compliance agent along with a full comprehensive scope of DOT required services such as:

  1. 01 Driver
    Qualification File
  2. 02 Drug & Alcohol
    Consortium and Testing
  3. 03 U.C.R. Unified
    Carrier Registration
  4. 04 Motor Carrier

Get on the Road

We make compliance feel simple

Federal Carrier takes on the responsibility of fulfilling the DOT compliance requirements and the frustrations that go along with that responsibility. Owner-operators and small fleet owners find their lives simpler now that Federal Carrier has taken the complexity out of their DOT compliance requirements.

Make my Life Easier

We help you prepare for audits

As your DOT compliance company, Federal Carrier educates DOT applicants on the safety requirements and equipment they need to operate their vehicles legally. You’ll also be advised on how to pass your upcoming DOT safety-audit. We know common audit mistakes and pitfalls, so we’ll make sure you’re prepared to pass.

Pass the Audit

Get compliant today

Federal Carrier won’t ONLY register your required compliance requirements, but we’ll also stay by your side throughout the entire process. Start getting compliant today!

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