Are you Currently Placed on Out of Service Status?

If you have been placed on out of service recently, you should know this prohibits you from driving a commercial vehicle. What’s more, this also means that a commercial vehicle that is placed on out-of-service cannot be removed from the road until this out-of-service status has been lifted by the state authority.

You see, the out-of-service status is given to any commercial driver or vehicle that violates a certain set of conditions. Just so you know, these conditions are outlined by the Secretary of Transportation and the purpose is to protect the public from hazards or imminent safety issues. But how can you reverse this process if you are placed in out-of-service status and get reinstated?


I’m Out of Service, How do I Get Reinstated?

Let’s face it, staying on the road is probably your only concern right now. After all, time spent with an out-of-service status is nothing more than time in which you are not making money.

As you may know, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) uses a CSA score to keep track of any issues related to public safety. Although the “Compliance, Safety and Accountability” score is no longer available to review by members of the public, the FMSCA continues to use this process to assess drivers and vehicles. However, there is no set number of points that trucks and employees need to receive in order for an out of service status to be deployed.

Instead, the FMSCA will consider a score, carry out an investigation and penalize the relevant company. With this in mind, out of service status is the worst possible outcome. At this point, a Notice of Violation is issued and the company must seek to correct the specified violations.


How Can You Avoid or Prevent Out of Service Status?

Well, preventative action is the only way to reinstate such vehicles or drivers. That is to say, the company must take action and demonstrate effort in terms of addressing the violation. For instance, to rectify issues with lights, tires or brakes, a company might create a policy that requires drivers to perform routine checks before, during and after each journey. Alternatively, if speeding is the reason for this out of service status, a company should instruct drivers to slow down. Alternatively, installing forward-facing cameras is a great benefit when it comes to accidents or even accountability, for drivers are more careful in the presence of cameras.


What is the fastest way to get reinstated?

You need to request that the operating authority reinstates the driver/vehicle. However, you must have insurance and a completed BOC-3 form to initiate this process. What’s more, a USDOT number or MCS-150 form should be provided as part of the application.

More specifically, if you have a PIN, you can apply online for reinstatement, but the MCSA-5889 form can also be printed and then posted or faxed to the FMCSA.

This is where Federal Carrier Compliance Regulations takes on the responsibility of fulfilling all the DOT compliance requirements and the frustrations that go along with that responsibility. F.C.C.R will get you back on the road faster than any other service. You don’t have to fight these on your own. F.C.C.R. is here to help you every step of the way.


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