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Our DOT Compliance Service Bundles

If you’ve been down the compliance road before, you know how much paperwork is required. Alternatively, if you’re a new owner-operator, you probably need to complete all the paperwork for the first time. Regardless of if you’re renewing your compliance, hiring a new driver, or you’ve never filed for compliance before, our DOT compliance service bundles make the process much easier. In most scenarios, you would need to file your alcohol and drug registration, EIN#, MC#, and much more all separately. We don’t believe it makes sense to do everything separately, so we developed several DOT compliance service bundles for your convenience.

Our compliance starter bundle, intermediate bundle, and expert bundle are our most popular because they cover everything you need depending on existing registrations. For instance, our starter bundle gets you compliant with a new DOT#, driver qualification file, and drug and alcohol registration. Alternatively, if you’ve never filed for compliance before, our expert bundle might be the best choice for you. The expert bundle includes receiving a new DOT#, MC#, UCR, BOC-3, driver qualification file, drug and alcohol registration, and EIN#. As you can see, our bundles serve various needs depending on your existing filings.

We also recognize that some of you are starting your own business from scratch, which is why we also offer bundles for new business entities. Although our DOT compliance service bundles provide excellent value, we understand that some of you will only need assistance filing for one or two licenses or registrations. We’re happy to work with you to ensure you’re compliant going forward. Being compliant is not only the law; it ensures drivers are safe while on the road. Moreover, being compliant protects the business you’ve worked so hard to build. Failure to meet DOT regulations can result in major fines and allow state officials to detain your vehicles, both of which are serious warnings and damage your revenue. If you still refuse to be compliant or don’t think it’s important, your business may be shut down. In other words, take advantage of our bundles and services to get compliant today!