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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Drug & Alcohol Consortium (DOT Reg. 49 CFR-382) & who needs it?

A Drug & Alcohol Consortium is mandated by the FMCSA for anyone that operates a C.D.L. required vehicle and includes an initial pre-employment drug and alcohol test. After the initial testing, the applicant is put into a consortium or pool of testing for applicants that are selected randomly 1-3 times yearly to ensure that they aren’t operating under the influence of any substances.

Who needs an MC# (Motor Carrier Authority)?

Anyone who operates (Interstate) from state to state with anyone else’s property other than their own are required to have a Motor Carrier Authority. If you carry passengers across state lines, you’re also required to have a Motor Carrier Authority.


After filing for your Motor Carrier Authority, you’ll be required to attach a BOC-3 and your insurance agent will attach your required insurance coverage. 

If both of these steps are taken within 21 days, your application will go into review and will typically be accepted within 3 business days after the initial 21 day waiting period. 

After your MC# is accepted, you will receive a Certificate of Authority in the mail within 7-10 business days and at which point you’ll be able to operate under your new MC#.

What do I need to have on the sides of my vehicle?

You need the following items in this order; 

Name of Company on the left and right side of the vehicle and then below the name of the company will be the US DOT #. 

Numbers and letters must be 2 inches in diameter and in contrasting colors to that of the vehicle.

What is a Driver Qualification File (DOT Reg. 49 CFR-391) & who needs it?

The Driver Qualification File is a 10-15 page document that is mandated by the FMCSA that contains the Motor Vehicle Report of each driver, previous employers, the experience of the driver and much much more.


The Driver Qualification File, or D.Q. File., is an FMCSA record-keeping requirement that trucking companies must meet for every employed driver. Even if you are your trucking company’s only driver, you will still need a D.Q. File  for yourself!

What is a U.C.R. (Unified Carrier Registration) & who needs it?

A Unified Carrier Registration is an interstate (State to State) road tax. A (U.C.R.) is required for anyone that crosses state lines, even farmers are required to file a Unified Carrier Registration if they cross state lines.

What is a BOC3 Filing

If you’ve filled for an MC Auth. you will be required to have to BOC-3 Blanket Of Coverage Per DOT REG 49 CFR 366. This simply registers your DOT# with a list of processing agents, one in every state, in case you get in a wreck over state lines so you can be served legal paperwork.

What do I need to have in my vehicle to pass my Safety Audit?

A 5lb fire extinguisher “mounted” within the vehicle, 3 reflected cones, triangles or flares, DOT approved First Aid Kit and additional fuses.

What is a BOC-3 & who needs it?

B.O.C. stands for (Blanket of Coverage). A Blanket of Coverage is a list of processing agents in every state that sends and receives legal documentation on behalf of the company or individual. 

A BOC-3 is required to successfully complete your Motor Carrier Authority or Freight Forwarder filings.

Why didn't they say that I would have to pay?

DOT Numbers are free and the compliances are separate. They are just like insurance for cars. You need an agency to do that.

Why do I need a Driver File

49 CFR 391 explains the minimum requirements for commercial motor vehicle drivers. Motor carriers are required to maintain a qualification file for each of their drivers. The following checklist will help you ensure that each driver qualification file is complete.

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Why do I need Drug and Alcohol

Consortium/Third-Party Administrators (C/TPAs) manage all, or part, of an employer’s DOT drug and alcohol testing program, sometimes including maintaining required testing records. They perform tasks as agreed to by the employer to assist in implementing the drug and alcohol testing program and to help keep the employer compliant with the DOT/FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Testing rules and regulations.

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Who needs a DOT Number?

Companies or individuals that operate commercial vehicles transporting passengers or hauling cargo in interstate or intrastate commerce, must be registered with the FMCSA and must have a USDOT Number. Additionally, commercial vehicles operating in intrastate “within your state” over 10,001 lbs GVW and hazardous materials carriers who haul types and quantities requiring a safety permit must register for a USDOT Number. Also, each state has different possible requirements, check with your local DMV for further clarification.