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Motor Carrier Compliance Services

Whether you’re the owner of a fleet company, an owner-operator, or a commercial vehicle driver, if you transport goods for profit, you need more than a CDL to operate legally. Drivers who carry profitable goods with their commercial vehicles must be motor carrier compliant. You can become compliant with a motor carrier compliance service through Federal Carrier, but first, you need to understand what being motor carrier compliant means.

There are two factors in being motor carrier compliant: being authorized to transport goods for profit and safety procedures. Obtaining carrier authority is important because it gives the driver legal permission to transport the goods in their container. If you don’t have motor carrier authority, you’re in violation of the law when carrying goods for profit and your business could be fined and, ultimately, shut down. Getting carrier authority can be complicated and time consuming because there’s a lot of paperwork involved—that’s where we come in. Federal Carrier is proud to offer a streamlined motor carrier compliance service where we handle all the difficulty in the process, and you can obtain an MC#.

While you’re legally permitted to carry cargo over state lines, you also must do so safely. In order to be motor carrier compliant, drivers must also follow strict safety regulations. We offer our motor carrier safety compliance services to ensure you and your drivers meet safety requirements. Our exceptional motor carrier safety audit compliance consultants will walk you through the entire process of becoming (and remaining) compliant.

The team at Federal Carrier consists of experienced transportation industry professionals. Our goal is to help every commercial vehicle company become DOT compliant. Our compliance agents take all the difficulty out of the process of becoming compliant and walk you through the process in its entirety. All our agents can answer any questions you have through our motor carrier compliance service. What are you waiting for? Contact us today to get compliant!