Texas DOT Number Filing (TxDOT/TxDMV)

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    TxDOT Number Filing
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  • Motor carriers operating intra-state on a road or highway in Texas must register their operations with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Motor Carrier Division (TxDMV)
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Texas DOT Number Filing Services Overview

A Texas Department of Transportation number (TxDOT) is a number specifically issued for commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) in Texas. Operators that have obtained a TxDOT number are required to have it displayed in a visible location on the registered vehicle. The similarities between a TxDOT number and a USDOT number are common, but they very different. Let Federal Carrier help you navigate the complexity of DOT Compliance today, regardless of the state you reside in.


Do I Need a TxDOT / TxDMV Number?

It is a requirement that Carriers who operate an INTRA-state commercial vehicle in the state of Texas, to register for a TxDOT number. Due to this application, you are required to pay a fee. Your insurance company will file a Form E for the amount and if you have paid your fees to TxDMV, a UIN (Unique Identification Number) will be issued to you.

You are required to obtain a TxDOT Number if you:

  • Operate/Own a vehicle (or combination of vehicles) with a gross weight, registered weight or gross-weight rating exceeding 26,000 pounds
  • Operate a farm vehicle with a gross weight registered weight or gross weight rating of 48,000 pounds or more
  • Transport hazardous materials in a quantity that requires placarding
  • Operate a vehicle designed to transport more than 15 passengers, including the driver
  • Operate a commercial school bus
  • Transport household goods for compensation, regardless of vehicle weight

A carrier certificate of registration is non-transferable between carriers that register as a sole proprietor, therefore cannot be interchanged.


How Long Does it Take To Get my TxDOT Number?

The initial application submission review takes around 24-48 business hours. For any carrier that has had a previous authority/certificate or has been linked in any way with another authority/certificate, add an additional 7 business days to the review time.

To check the status of your TxDOT Certificate application, call Federal Carrier at 877-659-9442.


Let Federal Carrier Help With Your Texas DOT Number Filing

In order to save yourself the time and effort, Federal Carrier will file on your behalf. Our experts are familiar with the TxDOT number application process, the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax. Our team eliminates the possibility of any mistakes during the filing process. We take care of every detail so you can focus on taking care of business.



Get Your Texas DOT Number Today!

Federal Carrier won’t ONLY register your required compliance requirements, but we’ll also stay by your side throughout the entire process. Start getting compliant today!

TxDOT Filing
Disclaimer: Federalcarrier.org is a private, third-party provider offering services for a fee. FCCR registers regulations on behalf of motor carriers. FCCR filing services for a fee, which is different from and in addition to the official Unified Carrier Registration state fees promulgated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.