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What We Do

We Remove the Hassle

Walk you through all of the rules and regulations that you’ll need to be 100% compliant 100% of the time. Below are some of the service packages we offer to get you compliant today!

  • $420 Compliance Starter Bundle

    • New DOT#
    • Driver Qual. File
    • Drug & Alcohol Registration
    Get Compliant
  • $785 Compliance Intermediate Bundle

    • New DOT#
    • MC#
    • UCR
    • BOC-3 & Driver Qual. File
    Get Compliant
  • $1075 Compliance Expert Bundle

    • New DOT#
    • MC#
    • UCR
    • BOC-3 & Driver Qual. File
    • Drug & Alcohol Reg.
    • EIN#
    • BOC-3
    Get Compliant
  • $60 New DOT# Registration/Filing

    A new DOT# is required if the total combined weight exceeds 10,001lbs, with truck, trailer, and load or will be hauling passengers for hire
  • $425 Motor Carrier Authority or MC#

    A MC# is required if the applicant plans on crossing state lines and will be hauling cargo For Hire
  • $140 Unified Carrier Registration

    The U.C.R. is required for anyone crossing state lines period
  • Intra-state Authority (Cost differs per State)

    There are quite a few states that require an Intra-State Authority in addition to the US DOT#. Qualifying applicants would be persons in a qualified state, operating intra-state only and Authorized For Hire. Every state is different and pricing changes dramatically
  • New Business Entity Filing (Cost differs per State)

    Most applicants that are operating For Hire, typically like to have a business filed name in the state that they plan to operate out of
  • $187 Driver Qualification File

    A Driver Qual. File is typically required for most all applicants with a DOT#, however is specific to either Qualified States or anyone crossing state lines
  • $50 Heavy Vehicle Highway Use (2290)

    A 2290 Form is required if the vehicle is rated 55,000 or more and is a vehicle tax for heavier vehicles utilizing public roads
  • $85 BOC-3 Filing

    A BOC-3 Filing is required for anyone that is operating with an Authority of any type. MC#, Broker Auth., Household Goods Auth.
  • $247 Drug & Alcohol Registration

    The Drug & Alcohol Registration is required for anyone operating a CDL required vehicle or will be over 26,001 LBS gross vehicle weight, including the weight of the truck, trailer and load combined or potential combined weight
  • $75 New EIN# Filing

    Most applicants like to file their DOT app with an EIN# rather than their SS#
  • $325 Texas State DOT Number Filing

    A commercial vehicle with a gross weight, registered weight or gross weight rating exceeding over 26,001 lbs in the state of Texas or crossing state lines, 16 passengers including the driver, transports placard required hazmat, operates a farm vehicle with a gross weight, registered weight or gross weight rating over 48,000 lbs or more, operate a commercial school bus, or transports household goods for compensation, regardless of vehicle weight are required to have a Texas DMV Number.
  • $365 California DOT & Motor Carrier (CA# & MCP)

    In California any person paid to transport goods are required to have a CA# and MCP to operate a motor vehicle, additionally, you’ll be required to have a CA# and MCP if your vehicle is over 10,001 lbs GVWR either for business or personal use. (Prices vary depending on the number of vehicles)

Get compliant today

Federal Carrier won’t ONLY register your required compliance requirements, but we’ll also stay by your side throughout the entire process. Start getting compliant today!

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Please Note: Motor Carrier Authorities, BOC-3, UCR's are not refundable. Once a Drug & Alcohol Consortium's Federal Chain of Custody form has been used for a Driver's Pre-Employment drug screen, it is considered non-refundable as well.

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